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FusionFrame Ring Lock System is the updated Ilizarov method configuration of the circular external fixation apparatus developed to specifically address the extensive requirements of foot and ankle specialists. Briefly described, the FusionFrame provides a weight bearing scaffold that in most cases allows patients to remain mobile throughout the course of treatment. Its components have been designed to ensure overall construct stability, versatility, ease of application, functionality and efficiency.

The FusionFrame consists of externally mounted rings and ancillary components that are interconnected with rods. The construct is attached to the bone with percutaneously applied tensioned wires.



The FusionFrame utilizes high-strength, low-density aluminum alloy for most system elements. Hardened stainless steel is used for certain auxiliary structural components, and implant-quality stainless steel alloys have been developed for fixation wires.

  • Four diameters of Ring sizes: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 205mm
  • Rods and other frame elements are available in a range of sizes
  •  Walkie Pucks (see below) may be added to the inferior side of the Foot Ring to assist the patient with weight bearing and ambulation


Charcot. Charcot-Neuroarthropathy also known as hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy or peroneal muscular atrophy, consists of a group of disorders that affect peripheral nerves. This disease often leads to deformities such as drop foot, hammertoes, and a collapse of the arch and joints in the foot. FusionFrame is designed as an orthopedic solution to treat these deformities, as a definitive solution during the often months-long recovery period.

Flap. In basic terms, a flap is a portion of tissue that can be dissected, elevated, and inset into a nonanatomic position as a consequence of its vascular supply and outflow. FusionFrame can be used to hold bony structures at desired lengths and positions allowing for the transplant of the flap and left in place until the flap has integrated and/or removed at the surgeons discretion.

Wound Care. Open wounds or sores often resulting from diabetes can be treated using FusionFrame as a way to protect the site and prevent weight bearing while graft or other means of treatment are pursued.

Ankle Trauma. In many cases where using external fixation to hold ankle fractures in place is required, the external fixator stabilizes the ankle until a second surgery for Open Reduction Internal fixation (ORIF) consisting of locking plates and screws is used. FusionFrame is designed to be the primary, definitive source of fixation replacing the need for a secondary ORIF surgery but can also be used as definitive treatment for immediate weightbearing in conjunction with ORIF.