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FUSIONFRAMETM Ring Lock System is the updated configuration of the circular external fixation apparatus developed by Prof. G. A. Ilizarov and was developed to specifically address the extensive requirements of orthopaedic surgeons and foot and ankle specialists. Its components have been designed to ensure overall construct stability, versatility, ease of application, functionality and efficiency.

Briefly described, the FUSIONFRAMETM provides a weight bearing scaffold that in most cases allows patients to remain mobile throughout the course of treatment and consists of externally mounted Rings and ancillary components that are interconnected with Rods. The construct is attached to the bone with a combination of percutaneously applied tensioned Wires and / or Half-Pins. Compression / distraction struts may be attached to the frame to systematically control the gaps between bone fragments and distance between Rings to manage a variety of pathologies. Threaded Rods or struts may be used to reduce and compress fracture zones, lengthen limbs and even correct deformities when used in combination with Hinges.


The FUSIONFRAMETM utilizes high-strength, low-density aluminum alloy for most system elements. Hardened stainless steel is used for certain auxiliary structural components, and implant-quality stainless steel alloys have been developed for fixation wires.

  • Four diameters of Ring sizes: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 205mm
  • Rods and other frame elements are available in a range of sizes


The FusionFrame is designed for the treatment of Charcot neuroarthropathy and related foot and ankle pathologies including:

  • Stabilization of fractures and osteotomies.
  • Bone deformity corrections of the lower extremities.
  • Arthrodeses of:
    • Rear Foot
    • Mid Foot
    • Ankle Joint
  • Adult and pediatric limb lengthening.

Rings, Rods and other Frame elements are available in a full range of sizes that covers the above foot and ankle applications.

FusionFrame Operative Technique

FusionFrame Operative Technique

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