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Sterile Packaged Implants

The cleanSTART® platform enhances operating room efficiency and streamlines asset management. Implants of uncompromised quality are delivered sterile and ready to use at moment’s notice.

  • Reduced OR costs
  • No implant caddies required
  • No need for sterilization
  • Instant access

Inventory Control, Tracking and Traceability

The quickTUBE™ and quickSTACK implant containers include multiple
UDI-compliant, adhesive-backed labels encrypted to simplify accurate billing and facilitate seamless tracking for each implant. Implant containers are clearly marked with color-coded labels for easy identification. All packaging and delivery mechanisms are configured to maximize the total number of implants with minimal usage of space.

Customizable Dispenser

The cleanSTART® Implant Dispenser removes the need for implant caddies. Each Dispenser is easily configured to contain a substantial unit inventory with multiple combinations of implants to cover a wide array of indications.

  • Adapts to any arrangement of quickTUBE™ and quickSTACK sterile implant containers.
  • Elegantly stores, organizes and dispenses your implants on demand.
  • May be uniquely tailored to address individual surgeon preferences.

Color-coded labels

Color-coded labels to differentiate implant type and size, for easy identification

Innovative Packaging Design and Implant Deployment

Easy to remove peel strips on outer sleeves provide visual confirmation of sterility.

  • Nested tubes and multiple seal boxes ensure implant sterility
  • Innermost implant housings permit directCONNECT implant-to-instrument transfer