Hallux valgus requires more than one solution. Correct the deformity without sacrificing patient satisfaction.
Trident simplifies hallux valgus surgery by introducing procedure specific systems, evolving the standard of care.

Hallux Valgus

Over a 100 procedures described to correct the deformity,
one solution is not enough

Bunion Solutions

Introducing Trident HV Surgery Simplified

The Pecaplasty® System

Evolving surgery

Bunion surgery is evolving into percutaneous corrections

Patient benefits

Offer your patients the benefits of percutaneous surgery
& differentiate your practice

Tri-planar control

The Peca Targeting Device provides tri-planar control
& precise K-wire placement for reproducible outcomes
in percutaneous bunion correction

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Guided Transverse Osteotomy System

Burr not required

Offer all the benefits of minimally invasive correction without the use of a burr

Minimal incision

A 1-1.5cm incision allows for direct visualization as the osteotomy
is performed with a sagittal saw

Tri-planar control

The guided transverse osteotomy systems outrigger connects
to the intramedullary implant to manipulate correction in all three planes

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miFoot Brochure

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