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Arcad® Staples are designed to facilitate fast and easy fixation in a variety of applications and once implanted, return to their shape memory compressed position. Dynamic and permanent compression is achieved at the arthrodesis or osteotomy site.

  • No heat activation required.
  • Fast and easy insertion.
  • Range of sizes available from 8-25mm.
  • Symmetric or asymmetric leg lengths to fit anatomy.
  • Simple intraoperative repositioning; if required.
1. Bridge Width (mm)2. Leg Length (mm)3. Leg Length (mm)4. Wire Dimensions (mm)Part No.
8881.5 x 1.2CS020808
10991.5 x 1.2CS010909
1012141.5 x 1.2CS011214
1014161.5 x 1.2CS011416
1015181.5 x 1.2CS011518
1512121.8 x 1.3CS031212
1514141.8 x 1.3CS031414
1812121.8 x 1.3CS041212
1814141.8 x 1.3CS041414
1814161.8 x 1.3CS041416
1816181.8 x 1.3CS041618
1818181.8 x 1.3CS041818
2018181.6 x 2.5CS051818
2520201.6 x 2.5CS062020

One-piece Compressive Construct

The Arcad® Staples was designed to help achieve optimum compression for fusion.

Delivered at ambient temperatures, the Nitinol (NiTi) ASTM F2063 memory metal structure induces balanced inward (“pushing”) forces. By pre-loading the staple with the Arcad® Forceps, the legs are then inserted into the guided pilot holes. Once the forceps are released, the memory of the metallic alloy exerts a compressive force on the legs as demonstrated in the diagrams above.

Immediate and continuous compression; the implant goes to work upon impaction and maintains compression throughout the course of treatment.

  • Migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase.
  • Low profile / atraumatic contours that are designed to minimize soft tissue irritation.
  • Size range allows for precise fitting and anatomic compatibility.

Minimal Instrumentation

  • All required instruments are neatly configured in one elegant sterilization module.
  • Instrumentation facilitates simple insertion, repositioning, adjustments and removal.
  • The Implantation Forceps feature a unique Lock and Load design that permits convenient, reproducible deployment and rapid insertion.

Intra-operative sizing guidelines Approximate sizes by indication

ForefootARCAD Size
1.Akin Osteotomy08 10
2.Bunion Repair10
3.MTP Arthrodesis15 18
4.N / C Fusion
(Navicular Cuneiform)
15 18
5.Lisfranc Arthrodesis15 18
Opening / Closing Wedge
Osteotomy – Base Wedge
15 18
7.Calcaneal / Cuboid Fision20, 25
8.Talo / Navicular Fusion20, 25
9.Subtalar Athrodesis20, 25


First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis using Arcad Nitinol Compression Staples

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Pablo Turell.

Novastep Arcad Nitinol Compression Staples

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