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LYNC® pure titanium design delivers immediate, controlled compression with stable bone purchase that resists pullout, rotation or toggle.
Three-step procedure: Ream, Rasp and Reduce.

  • Unique, Breakthrough Design.
  • No Freezing, Primed and Ready for Immediate Use.
  • Two Zones of Fixation and Controlled Compression.
  • Lock and Load Retrieval, Insertion and Deployment.
Medium M0o/M10o Small S0o/S10o DIP
References M0o – CM010010 M10o – CM010011 S0o – CM010030 S10o – CM010031 CM010040
1. Total Length 20mm 20mm 16mm 16mm 12mm
2. Proximal Length 13mm 13mm 11mm 11mm 6mm
3. Distal Length 7mm 7mm 5mm 5mm 6mm
4. Initial/Final Proximal Opening 2/8.5mm 2/8.5mm 2/8mm 2/8mm 2/5mm
5. Initial/Final Distal Opening 3.5/4.5mm 3.5/4.5mm 3.5/5.5mm 3.5/5.5mm 3.5/4mm
6. Offset* 0o 10º 0o 10º 0o

*Straight or with a 10° bend for precise anatomic fitting and alignment.

Lync Measure

Breakthrough Design

One piece implant manufactured from anodized titanium (ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2), featuring insertion tapers and migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase. Medullary canal preparation and device insertion do not require placement of guide wires.

Three-step Procedure

You simply Ream, Rasp and Reduce. The multi-purpose implantation Forceps feature a uniquely designed Lock and Load capability that permits convenient implant to instrument transfer, rapid insertion and manual, one-click compression.