Novastep understands the benefit and cost savings that sterile instrumentation and implants can provide your facility.

The cleanSTART™ calculator allows your facility to visualize all costs of doing a procedure with reusable instrumentation and non-sterile implant trays, compared to our cleanSTART™ pre-sterilized instrument kits and Novastep sterilized implants.

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For more independent supplemental material that supports sterile instruments and implants download:
IAHCSMM Loaner Instrument Position Paper


The calculator will provide your annual, total savings using a cleanSTART™ pre-sterilized instrument kit and pre-sterilized implants.

Using one type of procedure, enter your annual case volume and average vendor price-per-case billing.

Next, input the current, loaner tray sterilization cost-per-case.

Enter your estimated annual cost for lost implants and instruments for which vendors charge.

Next, enter any comparable information for Novastep’s sterilized procedure, less these costs.

Cost Savings Calculator * Complete hightlighted cells only

# of cases
by procedure *
Total Cost
Per Case *
$ Total Loaner Sterilization
Cost Per Case *
# of cases Total Annual Lost Implant
and Instrument Expense *
Total Spend
Current Vendor x = + x = + =
with Novastep sterile implants x = + x = + =

Novastep’s portfolio of implants come pre-sterilized which is a value add when using our cleanSTART™ technology.  Our implant and instrumentation packaging ensures consistent sterility since each SKU has a self-adhesive data matrix label which provides enhanced implant patient traceability.

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