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All airlock® implants and instruments within airlockGO® are sterile packaged for immediate use, with self-adhesive data matrix labels that allow for better patient traceability. With the airlockGO® system, hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Each package is color coded by plate size and screw diameter to simplify use. The wide range of plating kit options ensures an ample portfolio of user-friendly, consistently sterile implants. airlockGO® sterile instruments are deployed by means of the cleanStart™ dispenser console.

Environmentally responsible

Novastep reducing our carbon footprint. cleanStart™ single-use instrument kits have neutral environmental impact when compared to the average CO2 equivalent annual emission of a hospital using conventional re-usable instrumentation.

Value Analysis Dossiers

View the Value Analysis Dossiers to access information on our products and product portfolios in order to help you simplify the selection process when identifying a long term vendor.