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Technical Characteristics

Anodized titanium alloy (TA6V). Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping screws with a triple sharpened tip. Reverse cutting flutes aid the surgeon in simplified screw extraction. Hexalobe recess protects the screw interface and provides optimal torque. Self-penetrating conical compression cone for headless screws facilitates atraumatic penetration.

1. Screwdriver Tip T7 – Hexalobe T8 – Hexalobe T10 – Hexalobe
2. Head Diameter Ø3.5 Ø3.9 Ø5.0
3. Guide Wire Ø0.9 Ø1 Ø1.4
4. Thread Length See Below†† See Below†† 1/3 of Screw Length
5. Core Diameter Ø1.75 Ø1.85 Ø2.65
6. Thread Diameter Ø2.3 Ø2.9 Ø4.0
7. Thread Pitch 0.9mm 1.35mm 1.35mm
8. Length 10 – 30mm* 10 – 34mm* 18 – 60mm**
*2mm increments ** 2mm increment up to 50 then 5mm increments
Wire driver compatible ††Variable as a function of screw length