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Novastep’s proprietary Presslock® universal compression locking fusion plates further expand the capabilities of the Airlock® platform by allowing the usage of axially stable locking screws in conjunction with compression slots.

Available in a variety of lengths, in both straight and H designs, these plates are engineered for universal application throughout the midfoot and rearfoot for the fixation of osteotomies, fractures and arthrodeses and are fully compatible with the entire range of Airlock® screws and instruments.

Talonavicular Arthrodesis

Universal Fusion H Plate

The plate’s low 1.6mm profile provides strength and stability across the talonavicular joint with the added benefit of 1.5mm of fixed compression. It can also be applied more dorsally, allowing for the medial placement of an additional retrograde compression screw.

Calcaneocuboid Arthrodesis

Universal Fusion H Plate

The choice of plate sizes and Presslock® compression holes address a variety of patient anatomies to provide fixed 1.5mm compression with locked, axially stable fixation for calcaneocuboid arthrodesis procedures.

The static fixation holes accept 3.0mm and 3.5mm, locking or non-locking screws. Non-locking screws allow a +/- 15° range of off axis trajectories when placed in the static plate holes.

Evans Osteotomy

Universal Fusion H Plate

The availability of three plate length options allows a variety of graft thicknesses for the Evans procedure. If no compression is needed, a full locking construct may be used by placing the 3.5mm locking screws in the oblong hole with the screws placed in the neutral position and either 3.0mm or 3.5mm locking screws in the remaining static fixation holes.

Tarsometatarsal Arthrodesis

Universal Fusion Straight Plate

The universal straight plates can be utilized to achieve strong, stable fixation when performing an arthrodesis of either a single or multiple joints across the tarsometatarsal joint.

With Presslock® technology, you have the added benefit of 1.5mm of fixed compression, or static fixation with no compression when needed in certain cases such as for a Lisfranc fracture or dislocation.

Lapidus Arthrodesis

Universal Fusion Straight Plate

The universal straight plates feature a low-profile, 1.6mm thickness, to reduce the risk of prominent hardware that may cause soft tissue irritation. When used in the Lapidus procedure, two straight plates positioned dorsally and medially, will provide strength, stability and the option to compress along the entire joint.

Dwyer Osteotomy

Universal Fusion Straight Plate

The universal fusion straight plate provides stable fixation for a lateral calcaneal osteotomy. Given that the plate is only 1.6mm thick, it minimizes soft tissue irritation while maintaining strength and stability.

The oblong compression slots accept 3.5mm locking screws only. Both 3.0mm or 3.5mm locking or non-locking screws may be utilized in the remaining hole.

The Presslock® slot generates mechanical compression between two bone segments, before subsequent locking in the threaded part of the slot. To receive 1.5mm of additional locking compression, use the gold drill guide, specifically designed for this technology. If compression is not desired, the Presslock® drill-guide can be reversed and used in the ‘neutral’ position with the arrow facing away from the bone segment.

The Airlock® Ø3.0mm and Ø3.5mm locking and non-locking screws may be used with all Presslock plates; however,
the compression holes only accommodate Ø3.5mm locking screws. All instrumentation is conveniently organized
and color coded (see below).

Monoaxial & Polyaxial Capability

  • Monoaxial-locking screws
  • Polyaxial non-locking screws
  • Tapered head
  • Self-tapping design
  • Self-retaining driver / screw interface

Presslock® Compression Locking Plates Brochure

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PRESSLOCK with PECA-C White Paper

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Novastep Presslock Compression Locking Plates

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